The World Famous Asphalt Museum

Did you know that there is a world famous Asphalt Museum? Well neither did we – but there is!
The Asphalt Museums is actually more of a display located in the California State University – Sacramento office of Professor Scott Gordon. Gordon is a self-professed collector of asphalt and began the “museum” in the early 1990s.
The collection houses samples of asphalt form all over the world including one from the longest stretch of Route 66 in Arizona as well as samples from as far away as Tanzania, Italy and Scotland. After the museum became an internet phenomenon – it was listed for some time as a Wine Country attraction on Yahoo, people began sending in the samples from all over the world.
Gordon jokes that the museum is more of an internet joke than an actual museum but he counters that there are asphalt enthusiasts out there. The website not only details the collection but highlights art exhibits featuring asphalt as well. While it may not be an actual museum, we think it’s pretty neat. Check out this video from Scott Gordon and be sure to “visit” the World Famous Asphalt Museum…admission is free!