The Benefits of Porous Asphalt

As leaders in the St. Louis asphalt community, we believe it is imperative that we continue to bring forth new and innovative solutions to the pavement industry. One solution we’ve pushed forward involves runoff on paved surfaces. Runoff has always been a challenge for many property owners and facility managers, but it doesn’t have to be Porous asphalt, an application used mainly in parking lots, is made up of stone, asphalt, and gravel that are combined to create a permeable surface. While this technique has existed since the 1970s, it was slow to take off due to many poor installations.

At Leritz & Busy Bee, our teams of professionals have been installing porous asphalt for a number of years, and let us tell you, there are a multitude of benefits.

  • Less runoff: As you know, the porous surface is pervious in nature and can infiltrate up to 80% of annual runoff when installed properly. So how can this benefit you monetarily, you ask? Well, because your annual runoff will be drastically reduced, the need for a large detention basin will as well. These storm basins are not only expensive, but require a large piece of land to build.
  • Longevity: Research shows that even after 20 years, porous paved surfaces show little to no cracking or splitting. We have noticed that the asphalt wears well and drains effectively for several years. Even though 20 years seems to be the average lifespan, it is not uncommon to see a porous surface last over 30 years. It’s all contingent upon the initial installation and whether or not the surface was properly maintained.
  • Environmental: Porous asphalt offers up a variety of environmental benefits including reduction of storm system basins and cooler asphalt temperatures. As we mentioned, 80% of runoff after a rain storm will pass through the asphalt, thus reducing the need for storm basins. Also, because porous requires less energy to manufacture it will significantly reduce emissions, odor and smoke.
  • Cost-Efficient: The overall lifetime cost of a paving project is greatly reduced when choosing porous asphalt. Not only will it last you at least 20 years, it will not require the need for a large storm basin. In some cases, the basin can be eliminated all together, thus saving you money and giving you more space.

For 30 years, the folks at Leritz & Busy Bee have been supplying the St. Louis area with innovative paving methods. If you have any questions regarding our asphalt solutions, please feel free to reach out! Remember: for all your commercial and residential paving needs, think Lertiz & Busy Bee!