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Staying cool in the summer sun

While St. Louis weather is hardly predictable, there is one thing we can always count on: summer heat. As temperatures begin to rise, we begin to scramble to find ways to keep cool. At Leritz & Busy Bee, ensuring our employees are well hydrated and healthy is of our utmost concern. So what is our secret, you ask? Let us explain…

#1 Stay Hydrated: When temperatures begin to reach triple digits, it becomes extremely imperative that you make time for not only breaks, but quick hydro sessions. Although some may prefer sports drinks such as Gatorade we suggest opting for good old fashioned H2O. The high sugar content these drinks contain can cause you to overheat within an hour. Water truly quenches your thirst and will keep your body hydrated longer.

#2 Wear light colored clothing: It is no secret: dark colors attract the heat. During the summer months, you can feel the sun’s rays radiate off the pavement. In an effort to provide a healthy counterbalance, we encourage all our employees to wear light colored clothing. We can’t eliminate the heat, but we can put measures in place to make the day a little more tolerable.

#3 Know your limits: Last, but certainly not least—know your own limits. Everyone’s body is a little different and that means different precautions may need to be taken. Don’t overexert yourself. If you experience dizziness or blurry vision it is crucial that you seek medical attention immediately.

A final note: If you’re going through a construction zone this summer, PLEASE be cautious of roadside workers!

For almost 30 years, the folks at Leritz & Busy Bee have been supplying the St. Louis area with innovative paving methods. If you have any questions regarding our asphalt solutions, please feel free to reach out. Remember: for all your commercial and residential paving needs, think Lertiz & Busy Bee!

Harnessing the Heat

In the dog days of summer you may feel the heat radiating off of pavement surfaces, can we find a way to harness the heat for good?

Thermal energy has been used for decades to warm eco-friendly pools, but tech company Novotech has patented an idea known as Roadway Power Systems. Michael Hulen, Novotech founder, says the technology has many practical applications. For example, a hotel with a large parking lot could run a piping system under the pavement, using the heat absorbed by the asphalt to heat water for laundry and shower, reducing energy consumption. The captured heat can also create electrical power by creating high-pressure steam. This steam can spin a turbine and produce kilowatts or even megawatts of power.

Unlike conventional solar systems, asphalt retains heat even after the sun goes down, therefore it could continue producing energy even after sundown. Novotech estimates that a two-acre parking lot could cool a 30,000 square foot building. While the technology is still in the beginning phases and has yet to be rolled-out in large scale, it certainly seems to have promise in harnessing the heat!

For more information on Roadway Power Systems, click here.

Exploding Pavement?

Recent record-setting heat is causing serious problems in some parts of the country; recent pavement blowups in Iowa have forced the Department of Transportation to issue a warning to motorists, urging them to pay special attention to pavement surfaces when driving in temperatures above 90 ° F.

Pavement blowups occur when a wet period is followed by periods of extreme heat. Water stays in the cracks in pavement surface, then thermal expansion forces the pavement to buckle and shatter. The blowups pose a safety risk for motorists as well as costing the state additional money for repairs. The Iowa Department of Transportation estimates that pavement blowups cost the state $400,000 annually in road repair as well as an additional 2-4,000 hours of manpower making temporary repairs.

Motorists are urged to use caution and reduce speed when approaching broken pavement areas.