Favorite Roads

Roads take us a lot of places; to see friends and family, away to school or on vacations. Roads can also give us experiences or feelings, like when the tunes are up and the windows are down! Roads can be the pathway to special occasions, lasting memories and feelings of freedom.

Do you have a favorite road? Now there is a place to share stories and even photos of your favorite road. FavoriteRoad.com is an online community for those passionate about the open road. Users can share about their favorite roadways or learn about the “Favorite Roads of Famous People,” the website also gives a history lesson on the origins on roads.

One particularly interesting story comes from a pair who shared the story of their journey across Highway 70 from Kansas City to St. Louis, they even wrote a book about it, “Driving Across Missouri: A Guide to I-70.” Ted and LuAnne share beautiful observations on a road that many of us might consider just a part of our commute.

Next time you’re on your morning drive, stop and consider the beauty of the roadway around you. And check out FavoriteRoad.com to share your thoughts!