Maintenance and Repair - Leritz Contracting and Busy Bee Paving, Inc.

Maintenance and Repair

Maintained properly, asphalt is a great, durable surface that will provide your home or commercial property with many years of life. If not treated, the sun’s UV rays and the major swings in temperature we experience here in the St. Louis area could take a harsh toll on your asphalt parking lot or other surface.

Never fear! Leritz and Busy Bee can provide the maintenance services you need to get the most out of your asphalt pavement. We can even help you inspect, identify and remedy problem areas before they become headaches. Maintenance services include:

Asphalt Repairs

Over the course of its lifetime, and certainly as the seasons change here in St. Louis, your asphalt parking lot or pathway will experience issues that will call for repair. Leritz and Busy Bee have a full crew experienced in asphalt repair – from the smallest of cracks to dangerous potholes and everything in between. Our repair services include:

  • Crack filling and sealing
  • Pothole repair and filling
  • Removal and replacement of damaged sections of asphalt
  • Leveling of worn or sinking areas of asphalt