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With everyone battening down the hatches in preparation for fall weather; we thought it would be appropriate to explore one of the many effects from torrential rainfall: hydrostatic water pressure. Hydrostatic water pressure is most common in basements, but its wrath can be seen all over… including your parking lot!

One of the biggest destroyers of asphalt is moisture. When moisture accumulates below the surface it compromises the strength of the stone base and softens the underlying soils. The simplest, most efficient way to solve this problem is with the addition of under-drains – commonly referred to French drains in the industry. How does it work, you ask? Let us explain…

Once the old asphalt is removed we dig a trench, usually to a depth of 24”, and install fabric-wrapped perforated pipe. The trench is then filled with open-grated stone. This allows the ground water to find its way to the pipe and out from beneath the pavement. Finally, the asphalt surface if replaced. Depending on the location of the French drain, porous asphalt may be installed to eliminate water ponding issues as well.

French drains can—if properly installed—extend the overall lifespan of your asphalt.

If you would like to know more about French drains and how they can benefit your next paving project, please feel free to drop us a line today. Remember: for all your commercial and residential paving needs, think Lertiz & Busy Bee!

A new white paper from the Asphalt Pavement Alliance sheds light on the beneficial effects asphalt pavements can have on water quality.

According to Dr. Howard Marks, principal author of the report “Cleaner Water with Asphalt Pavements,” the green benefits of 100 percent recyclable asphalt pavement might be surprising to some. Asphalt pavement s are clean and environmentally beneficial for improved stormwater management, clean drinking water and reduced roadside pollution.

One common misconception is that asphalt pavements leach petroleum into the earth, this is not the case. In fact, asphalt pavements have several eco-friendly benefits including the fact that smooth asphalt pavements save fuel and overall has a small carbon footprint compared to other paving materials.

To download a free copy of the study and learn more about the benefits of asphalt, click here.