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Manheim St. Louis Auto Auction

Our Aggressive, Careful Scheduling kept the Auto Auction in Business during Construction

The Client
Manheim St. Louis Auto Auction is one of the organization’s 122 locations around the world. The 72 acre site, located in Bridgeton, Missouri, houses thousands of vehicles and is open to buyers and sellers seven days a week. The auction serves a variety of audiences, from fleet buyers and wholesalers to exotic car dealers.

The Client’s Need
When that many vehicles are present in one location, there’s a great deal of asphalt parking lot surface. There comes a time when all that asphalt needs repair, maintenance, and sometimes even full replacement. For this particular project, the paving need was located in the center of all sales operations, a vital area to the success of the business. Manheim St. Louis needed to depend on a paving contractor who could get the repairs done right, while maintaining a tight construction schedule to minimize business disruption.

How the Leritz | Busy Bee Team Helped
The Manheim St. Louis team chose Leritz and Busy Bee for the asphalt work because of their attention to the auto auction’s business needs, and their longstanding history of performing excellent paving work at the facility. According to Manheim’s Construction Manager Chris Stamper, “Leritz developed a strategic plan to complete the project and worked directly with our facility management team to coordinate their daily activities without an impact on our operations. For a business like we run, that’s the most important part of construction; develop a plan and complete the work with the least amount of impact on our ability to generate income.”

The Results
Because of their careful planning, the Lertiz and Busy Bee team were able to complete the project on schedule and minimize impact to the ongoing business at Manheim St. Louis Auto Auction. Since the completion of this project, which is often considered one of the largest in the region, Leritz and Busy Bee have been called upon to perform asphalt paving and repair work in other areas of the facility. As Facilities Manager Nathan Hooker remarked, “Leritz and the staff there have been phenomenal in providing the quality of work we require here at Manheim St. Louis.” That quality of workmanship and meticulous attention to detail in the planning and execution of paving projects has made the Leritz and Busy Bee team a trusted partner.

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