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As leaders in the St. Louis asphalt community, we believe it is imperative that we continue to bring forth new and innovative solutions to the pavement industry. One solution we’ve pushed forward involves runoff on paved surfaces. Runoff has always been a challenge for many property owners and facility managers, but it doesn’t have to be

Porous asphalt, an application used mainly in parking lots, is made up of stone, asphalt, and gravel that are combined to create a permeable surface. While this technique has existed since the 1970s, it was slow to take off due to many poor installations.

At Leritz & Busy Bee, our teams of professionals have been installing porous asphalt for a number of years, and let us tell you, there are a multitude of benefits.

  • Less runoff: As you know, the porous surface is pervious in nature and can infiltrate up to 80% of annual runoff when installed properly. So how can this benefit you monetarily, you ask? Well, because your annual runoff will be drastically reduced, the need for a large detention basin will as well. These storm basins are not only expensive, but require a large piece of land to build.
  • Longevity: Research shows that even after 20 years, porous paved surfaces show little to no cracking or splitting. We have noticed that the asphalt wears well and drains effectively for several years. Even though 20 years seems to be the average lifespan, it is not uncommon to see a porous surface last over 30 years. It’s all contingent upon the initial installation and whether or not the surface was properly maintained.
  • Environmental: Porous asphalt offers up a variety of environmental benefits including reduction of storm system basins and cooler asphalt temperatures. As we mentioned, 80% of runoff after a rain storm will pass through the asphalt, thus reducing the need for storm basins. Also, because porous requires less energy to manufacture it will significantly reduce emissions, odor and smoke.
  • Cost-Efficient: The overall lifetime cost of a paving project is greatly reduced when choosing porous asphalt. Not only will it last you at least 20 years, it will not require the need for a large storm basin. In some cases, the basin can be eliminated all together, thus saving you money and giving you more space.

For 30 years, the folks at Leritz & Busy Bee have been supplying the St. Louis area with innovative paving methods. If you have any questions regarding our asphalt solutions, please feel free to reach out! Remember: for all your commercial and residential paving needs, think Lertiz & Busy Bee!

At Leritz & Busy, we truly understand the importance of maintaining a high level of productivity… regardless of the industry. That is why we are committed to offering asphalt solutions that have minimal impact on business operations. How do we do this, you ask? One word: planning.

Last year, Manheim St. Louis Auto Auction hired us for repair and replacement work at their 72 acre site in Bridgeton, Missouri. The complex houses thousands of vehicles and is open to buyers and sellers seven days a week. Closing the lot for an extended period of time would not allow them to fully operate, thus resulting in a loss of revenue.

In order to minimize the disruption of their operations, our team developed a strategic plan to complete the project. This plan included working directly with their facility management team to coordinate their daily activities so we wouldn’t interfere with the day-to-day operations.

As a result of our strategic planning, the Lertiz and Busy Bee team was able to complete the project on schedule with minimal impact to the ongoing business at Manheim St. Louis Auto Auction. Because the project was completed in such an efficient manner, we have been called upon to perform asphalt paving and repair work in other areas of the facility.

For almost 30 years, the folks at Leritz & Busy Bee have been supplying the St. Louis area with innovative paving methods. If you have any questions regarding our asphalt solutions, please feel free to reach out! Remember: for all your commercial and residential paving needs, think Lertiz & Busy Bee!

For the past 30 years, we at Leritz & Busy Bee have remained committed to supplying the Saint Louis region with premium pavement solutions. Whether it be a simple patch job or new parking lot, our staff utilizes their combined experience of over 135 years to develop solutions that will fully benefit your paving project. So, what makes the Leritz & Busy Bee process different from the rest? Let us explain…

The Bid Request: When you call Leritz & Busy Bee you can expect one of our estimators to quickly return your request for an estimate. Upon your return phone conversation, our estimator will ask a series of project specific questions so we can determine what course of action is required. An appointment will then be set to discuss further details, view the project and present options.

Surveying the Site & Preparing the Bid: After the estimator has made a site visit, he/she will obtain various supplier and subcontractor quotes in order to complete a competitive bid. The broad background of our staff allows for us to devise a plan that will truly fulfill the needs of your site.

In many cases, the symptoms on the surface don’t always reflect the depth of the underlying problem. This is where our 100+ years of combined experience come into play. For example, we may receive a request for a simple patch job, but upon careful survey we determine base failure is present and a complete removal and replacement is needed rather than simple skin patching. Also, what might seem like extensive damage to your pavement might just be a simple cosmetic issue. Often time the extent of the damage on parking lots does not warrant a seal coat and money would be better spent towards overlaying a portion of the lot and budgeting the remainder of the work at a later time.

Finally, the estimator will send a quote to the customer via their preferred method of delivery. The estimator will follow-up with a phone conversation shortly after the bid arrives to review the details and answer any questions that the customer may have. Remember: not all bids are equal in scope and sometimes the lowest bid is not the best option for your particular project.

Business Impact: There are many factors to consider when evaluating bids – budget, understanding the needs of the property and business impact. The lowest bid is not always the “best” solution for your specific needs. One of the most important questions to consider when reviewing a bid is: will the day-to-day operations of my business be altered or disturbed, and is the contractor prepared and planning to help minimize the impact to my business?

In many cases, a repair, an overlay or a complete reconstruction must occur in the direct path of daily traffic. When this occurs, it is important that both the owner and estimator have a clear understanding of the business and the asphalt process being presented. At Leritz & Busy Bee, it is our firm belief to err on the side of over planning and over communicating. Through our level of experience, we are able to foresee any potential operational impact before the project even begins, thus allowing you to properly prepare.

Looking to spruce up your lot for 2013? Please feel free to drop us a line at 314-568-9863. We look forward to hearing from you!

Remember: For all your commercial and residential paving needs, think Lertiz & Busy Bee!

Do you remember the old Saint Louis adage, “If you don’t like the weather, stick around… it will be different tomorrow”? Those words couldn’t ring truer than during the winter months. As temperatures begin to drop, there is no better time than now to start preparing your pavement for the impending winter weather.

The winter months—if not properly prepared for—can wreak havoc on your pavement. Did you know that there are ways to save your pavement from Jack Frost’s bite? Here are a few trusty tips to keep in mind:

Marking Curbs for Snow Plows: Curbs can be replaced when damaged; however, the cost of these repairs can be in the thousands. Snow plow markers, which can be purchased at most local hardware stores, offer an effective, cost-efficient alternative to repairing your curb. The way they work is quite simple: place the markers at the corners of all islands, creating continuous visibility for the snow plow drivers. In fact, placement of these markers can be written into your snow removal contract.

Crack Filling: This is one of the most important actions to preserve aging asphalt surfaces. As cracks form in asphalt it allows water to penetrate the surface. Water penetration to the base and subgrade can cause extensive failure, resulting in expensive patching. During the winter months the freeze-thaw cycle accelerates the damages. A good crack maintenance program is essential to prevent these repairs. We recommend using crack fill on straight line cracks because the base is still relatively solid.

Potholes: Normal wear and tear, along with exposure to the winter elements, allows water to penetrate the base. As we mentioned earlier, when this happens the base will begin to fail, resulting in the birth of a pothole. Once the base is damaged and concentrated cracking occurs, crack filling is no longer an option. There are many options for pothole repair, please contact us for a consultation.

Stay Safe: Loose asphalt can present a slew of challenges for both pedestrians and drivers. Through regular maintenance, you can reduce the risk of falls, twisted ankles, damaged tires/suspension systems and any number of risks that come with a damaged parking lot.

If you would like to talk with us about project planning for 2013, please feel free to contact Leritz & Busy Bee via email or by phone at 314-568-9863.

In a previous blog entry, we explored an array of benefits that porous asphalt could bring to your next paving project. While we touched briefly on many of the benefits, we didn’t dive into examples of when porous could be put to proper use.

For many facility managers, controlling the runoff after a heavy rain can be a very trying task. The addition of porous asphalt to your storm management system will not only reduce your annual runoff by 88 percent, but will help eliminate those annoying puddles in the parking lot.

The way it works is quite simple. Once the old asphalt is removed, a series of perforated pipes are incorporated within an open-grated crushed limestone base in an effort to route the runoff to the closest storm drain. After construction of the base and piping, it is time to lay the asphalt. Because porous asphalt is permeable in nature, it allows the water to drain through the surface, down into the storm water management system. Porous asphalt will significantly reduce those pesky water puddles and extend the life of your asphalt. Unfortunately, porous asphalt is not designed for patching small areas.

For almost 30 years, the folks at Leritz & Busy Bee have been supplying the St. Louis area with innovative paving methods. Porous paving projects can be viewed on our website under our projects tab in the gallery. If you have any questions regarding our asphalt solutions, please feel free to reach out! Remember: for all your commercial and residential paving needs, think Lertiz & Busy Bee!