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Our History

Busy Bee Paving was established in 1989 with current President, Al Haarmann, leading the asphalt paving operations for the firm’s owners. Headquartered in North St. Louis County, Busy Bee specializes in both residential and commercial paving work and quickly built a reputation for excellent work at competitive prices. Specializing in all types of paving projects from day one, we’ve experienced projects from all sides of the table – whether we’re working with a homeowner needing a new driveway, a property manager needing potholes filled in his parking lot, or a large contractor working on a large development with tight schedules. This wealth of experience allowed us to build a reputation for superior service and workmanship.

In 2003, Busy Bee was acquired by Leritz Contracting, a marriage that allowed both firms to double our manpower, scheduling capabilities, and equipment – all while continuing to work within our shared vision of providing the best solutions for each customer and providing the best team to get the job done.