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Exploding Pavement?

Recent record-setting heat is causing serious problems in some parts of the country; recent pavement blowups in Iowa have forced the Department of Transportation to issue a warning to motorists, urging them to pay special attention to pavement surfaces when driving in temperatures above 90 ° F.

Pavement blowups occur when a wet period is followed by periods of extreme heat. Water stays in the cracks in pavement surface, then thermal expansion forces the pavement to buckle and shatter. The blowups pose a safety risk for motorists as well as costing the state additional money for repairs. The Iowa Department of Transportation estimates that pavement blowups cost the state $400,000 annually in road repair as well as an additional 2-4,000 hours of manpower making temporary repairs.

Motorists are urged to use caution and reduce speed when approaching broken pavement areas.

As part of our continuing Summer Car Preparation series, we present to you a list of road trip essentials, courtesy of our friends over at

As you prepare to hit the road, there are a few items that can make your trip more safe and comfortable.

Safety Items

  • Proof of insurance
  • Cell phone and car charger
  • Flashlight (Don’t forget extra batteries)
  • First-aid kit
  • Spare tire
  • Car jack
  • Jumper cables


  • MP3 player/CDs
  • Camera
  • Portable DVD player and your favorite movies
  • Drinks/snacks


  • Map/GPS
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Change for tolls
  • Sunglasses
  • Trash bags

Can you think of any other must-have items we have forgotten?